Facials & Peels

Salon Nevaeh & Day Spa invites you to treat your skin to a rejuvenating facial, formulated especially for you. Lose yourself in the serenity of our private, candle lit rooms while your face, neck, and shoulders are cleansed of  impurities. Indulge in a gentle facial exfoliation, designed to leave your skin fresh and smooth, followed by a soothing, hydrating moisturizer. After a calming masque, you'll feel rested, invigorated, and of course, glowing. Peels available upon request at an additional cost.

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Facial Services

  • Signature Facial ($45)

30 minute essential facial to address your skin care needs whether you are dry, sensitive, oily, combination or normal.

  • Optimize Facial ($70)

60 minutes of restorative skin care therapy. Whether it is for anti-aging, clarifying, hydrating or illumination. Our therapist will analyze your skin to determine the best treatment for you

  • Gentlemen's Grooming Facial for Men ($66)

We can not forget that men need pay attention to their skin too. Sometimes they neglect it so much that a good exfoliation and treatment is just what the doctor ordered. 

  •  Clearing Back Facial ($66) 

Speaking of neglect, we can hardly reach our back let alone give it the attention it needs. A super cleansing system to improve the texture and pores throughout your neck, shoulders and back. 

  • Hydroderm with facial ($95)

Our hydroderm system is the perfect exfoliation for the dry Colorado weather. We are able to gently exfoliate the skin while infusing the skin with the proper serum to enhance and hydrate your skin.

  • RevitaPen Facial Infusion ($150)

The RevitaPen treatment enhances product absorption allowing active ingredients to be more effective. Our technicians customizable solutions are the most anti-aging treatment we offer.  

*Restrictions Do Apply. Some technicians are independent and may have different pricing then listed above. These prices are based on Level 1 Technicians. After our signature consultation we can have a better understanding of what the exact price may be according to the services we discuss.